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Les 7 Lectures offers original and unique publications in the Sufi publishing world. We wish to offer our readers a content rich in spiritual teachings and meditation.
Made by Sufi Wayfarer
Les 7 Lectures publishing house is entirely carried by Sufi Wayfarers who are sensitive to spiritual sharing. All our authors, translators and the rest of the project's actors are people living spirituality on a daily basis.
Islamic spirituality is a religious science which can boast of having in each century a true revival, real inspired masters, and pathfinders who work for its radiance.
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Apart from book fairs and other events where we come to offer our books and those of our bookstore distributors, we work exclusively with print-on-demand.
This may take a little longer before shipment, as the book must be printed before it is shipped.
Our books benefit from a global distribution network through libraries, online stores, bookstores, ...
We also invite you to purchase our books in digital format on the main platforms (Kindle, Google Play, Kobo and more).
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