Candles on the Path

Excerpts from the teachings of Shaykh Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari

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Candles on the Path by Marouen Jedoui offers a transformative exploration of Shaykh Mohamed Faouzi ­al-Karkari’s teachings, specifically crafted for English-speaking followers. This compelling work skillfully narrows the gap between complex Sufi principles and a Western readership, rendering the Shaykh’s profound insights both comprehensible and engaging. With meticulous care, Jedoui presents key Sufi concepts in a format that resonates with novices and seasoned practitioners alike, exploring diverse themes from the Vicegerency of God to spiritual authorization, and from `itrat ahl al-bayt to divine witnessing.

As an indispensable resource for those on the Karkariya path, Candles on the Path stands as a beacon of clarity and depth, enhancing readers’ spiritual journeys. It elevates fundamental Sufi teachings, serving as a pivotal tool for those seeking spiritual depth and enlightenment. The book’s seamless transition from practical advice to profound spiritual insights highlights the depth of Shaykh al-Karkari’s teachings, casting light on the intricate avenues of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Price: 16$ & 10$ (ebook)
ISBN: 978-2-930978-92-5
Author(s): Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari
Translation: Marouen Jedoui
Type: Paper-backed & Ebook
Pages: 244
Size: 135mm x 215mm